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Fabriano Paper Pavillion – A Wonderful Journey


 10-16 June 2019, h14.00 – 20.00

Fabriano Paper Pavillion – A Wonderful Journey

Complesso Storico delle Cartiere Miliani Fabriano

Viale Pietro Miliani 31/33 – Fabriano (AN – Italy)

on occasion of

XIII UNESCO Creative Cities Conference


The Archive of the Cartiere Miliani paper mill is host to A Wonderful Journey, a poetic itinerary into the world of paper and its workings. Curated by Umberto Giovannini, A Wonderful Journey is an poetic pathway coming alive within the historical heritage of the paper mill thanks to iconographic structures by artists Gianna Bentivenga and Maria Pina Bentivenga, settings and ‘shadow thresholds’ by Anusc Castiglioni and lighting by Massimo Zanelli.